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Describes how to install the API/Samples or full source code.

Prism normally by default makes users put everything in one global container.  With AppCan it supports multiple contextefs/contexts (containers) so that you don't need unique interfaces for everything.  A context manager holds context definitions, from context definitions contexts can be created.  By using contexts you can use generic interfaces for Views and ViewModels for standard operations to allow for easier re-compositing for components you wish to replace/re-use.


Commanding support within AppCan.  Supports some standard File commands related to ModelManager, allowing a basic application to support saving,opening/closing Documents (ModelContainers).

Views and ViewModels

The usage of Views and view models within the AppCan framework.  The AppCan framework allows easier re-use compositing by using more standard interfaces rather than specific ones for standard functionality.


Models and ModelContainers

The usage of models within the AppCan framework.  Supports some standard File operations on documents like allowing a basic application to support saving,opening/closing Documents (ModelContainers).

Region Managers

The usage of region managers with the AppCan framework.  AppCan supports localized region managers.  Allowing for re-use of the same name for a region, this allows you to use a standard naming convention for all Windows/Views you create, making re-compositing that much easier.

Working with menu's and the AppCan framework.  AppCan supports merging in menu items and toolbars based on priorities from other menu's/modules.



Describes configuration files that can be used to configure contextdefs/regions.


A quick and less quick example of getting started using AppCan.


This describes the current sample apps and what they demonstrate

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